Friday, May 02, 2008

Hidey ho, neighbor!

Well, crap.

It's pretty much a year since my last post here, and I think that's not really a bad interval for a personal blog. As much as the culture and technology and trends for web use and personal blogging in particular change, I think there's a lot of evolution left to happen. I don't think we're even close to knowing what's going to be "normal" for blogging or whatever form of internet publishing of personal details might be all the latest rage (like Twitter).

Personally, I think it's a little bit sad that there seems to be a need for people to publish, not even anonymously, lots and lots of intimate little details of their personal lives. It's not that long ago that the phrase "too much information!" was popular, but now teh intarweb is flooded with all sorts of things that people probably shouldn't, or don't want to, know about each other. In a weird way, though, the sheer volume of the drivel that's out there gives any individual a bit of privacy, since it's unlikely that more than a few people will see it. The vast density of the enormous forest keeps any one tree from being seen. Would that that were true for the actual forests, but, hey, we gotta deal with reality.

Or do we?

A secret amusement of mine (well, hell, so much for that secret) is considering that the majority of the "personal detail" blogs or MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, what-have-you entries are completely fake. Some sick bastards are likely laughing their collective asses off behind their keyboards while completely fabricating intimate details of some imagined life for the voyeuristic consumption of others.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll all boil down to the fact that there's no substitute for real-live face-to-face conversations and personal relationships. There'll always be a place for internet liaisons and the web is a venue where one can say things and express themselves in ways that may not otherwise happen. From that perspective there's genuine value in blogs or other forms of internet expression, since it does provide a unique avenue for such personal revelation and discovery. One of the hardest things about "growing up" in this world, I think, is sorting out just how normal you are and where you may best fit in this world. If someone otherwise shy finds confidence from knowing that they're not the only collector of geriatric mouse whiskers on the planet, well, that's probably not a bad thing. Especially if that new-found confidence translates to real-world personal relationships.

Hey, look at that. Several paragraphs of blog appear just like that!

Maybe it'll be another year before I do it again. ;)


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